Offer your customers monthly installments with 17 banks.

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For your business or any kind of business, you can now offer your customers 3, 6, 9, or 12 installment payments with 17 banks in Mexico: American Express, Bancomer, Banamex, Banorte/Ixe, Santander, HSBC, ScotiaBank, Inbursa, Afirme, BanBajio, BanRegio, Banco Ahorro Famsa, Banca Mifel, Invex Banco, and Banjercito e Itaucard.

Clip is the only payment solution in Mexico that accepts installment payments with all cards, including credit or debit.

You can activate installments from your Clip Dashboard. Just set the monthly installments and the minimum amount. It’s that simple!

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Activate the monthly installment option at no cost to you.

If your customers choose the installment options, they will pay a small fee along with their payment:

Monthly Installments Transaction fee for installment payment
3 Months 4.5% + IVA
6 Months 7.5% + IVA
9 Months 9.9% + IVA
12 Months 11.95% + IVA

Read more about our installment payment fees.